Full Warranty Information:

Auto Glass Replacement

  • Lifetime guarantee on workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle
  • 90 days against faulty materials – glass and other miscellaneous items
  • Lifetime on Sealant for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • Warranty voided if after precautions are not followed.

After your Windshield is Installed

  • No car wash for 24 hours – if it must be washed just use water
  • Keep windows unrolled 1” for 3-4 hours – stops pressure when you slam your vehicle doors
  • Tape may be taken off your vehicle after 2-3 hours


  • 90 days on Material
  • Lifetime on Workmanship

After your Upholstery Work is Completed

  • Use only products for cleaning recommended by 1st Class – Sheet is given to you on cleaning supplies that can be used and are recommended
  • For Convertibles – Leave top in closed position for 3-4 days. This helps top stretch and mold to your vehicle.  Sheet is given to you on cleaning supplies that can be used and are recommended.


1. What is Covered?

Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship with any exceptions that will be listed above.

Workmanship is 100% for the time that you own your vehicle.

2.  What 1st Class will do for you?

1st Class will repair and/or replace the defective material

3.  What is not Covered?

Warranty does not cover Windshield leakage due to rust and/or body deterioration.

Fading and/or discoloration due to weather and/or cleaning supplies used on the Material

See information sheet given to you by 1st Class when work was completed.

Material after 90 days unless stated otherwise by Manufacturer.

4.  How to Receive Service under Warranty?

Contact 1st Class at 250-769-4877 or email at first@firstclassglass.ca.  A service technician will gladly make an appointment at your earliest convenience to fix the issue.

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