The Windshield is an extremely important part of your vehicles integrity. In the case of a roll over it actually helps hold up the roof of your vehicle. This is why it is so important that it is in tack. All Windshields that come into Canada have to pass inspections and codes. But…. there are definitely different degrees just like anything else. Here at 1st Class we try our hardest to bring in the best possible product for our customers!

Tempered Parts

Whether it be your Side Door Glass, Vent Glass, Quarter Glass or Back Glass we have you covered. Most of these parts will come in under your deductible and we are experts at finding these parts so that you don’t need to use your insurance if you don’t want to. In other words we are here to save you some money.


Burco Side Mirrors or Rear View Mirrors is what we carry for your convenience. These are top of the line products that they use when your vehicle is being manufactured. We can also find you assemblies if that happens to be broken also.

Small Body Parts

W & E Small Body Parts. Are you one of those guys that is always in need of a nut, bolt, clip for the vehicles you are working on? Well we have over 700 different parts in stock! Full display in shop so you can actually see what you need.


Glass Cleaners, Convertible and Tonneau Cover Cleaners and Protectants, Leather Cleaners for those of you that have top end Leather on your seats and Release Agents. These are just a few of what we carry in stock.

Other Miscellaneous Products

We are constantly adding to this category depending on you – the customer and what you need.

  • OEM Vinyl’s and Materials
  • Mouldings and Gaskets
  • Clips for your glass, mouldings, etc.
  • Silicones, Glues and Mirror Adhesives
  • Boat Accessories
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